How this all works

The Photo Shoot
  • This should be fun! Running, jumping, playing are all great things to do during the photo session.  

  • I take candid pictures of your family in a relaxed and informal setting.  It may seem like we’re ‘winging it’ and that’s because we are, I’ll give you some guidance but mostly I will just let you and your family do what comes natural.  I adapt to your family and capture the moments as they occur.  
  • Think of your family’s favorite spots in the area, this could be a park, the beach, your home or whatever else you’d like.  I’ve got a list of great spots if you want some ideas.

Most important

Babies and children

  • Make sure that everyone comes to the photo session with a full belly.  Most of us are happiest then.  

  • Tell your children that it’s a time for fun play and someone will be coming to take photos of them doing their favorite things.  Children expect  the worse and can come with an attitude if you bribe them first to “be good”.  

  • Everyone should dress comfortably and wear clothes they like.

  • Let your children wear clothes they love to capture who they are now.  Plus those eccentric things are adorable.  

  • Please no matching attire

  • No logos

  • As for clothing I'd steer clear of whites, blacks or busy patterns, other than that, the clothing/costume changes are all up to you

  • Sometimes the weather is uncooperative, someone may be sick or super cranky, and as none of these are conducive for a fun shoot, we can reschedule.  Though keep in mind that rain can be pretty fun to play in.  

  • Half of the payment is due before the photoshoot and the other half at the photo session

  • For deposits I prefer PayPal and for the remainder I accept cash, credit, debit, check (pretty much the whole gamut)

What to expect after the photo session

I’ll edit the images typically within a week and depending on the package you chose, I’ll either upload the best images to DropBox or I’ll upload a bunch of pictures with a watermark on Dropbox for you to choose which images you want.